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How Does it work?

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    Flexibility is key when it comes to learning, which is why our Employee Training Toolkit offers both DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and LMS (Learning Management System) options. Whether you prefer the simplicity of DIY learning or the comprehensive capabilities of an LMS, our platform caters to your training needs. Customize your approach for the perfect learning experience.

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    Intuitive Single Video and Audio Training

    Our platform simplifies learning with user-friendly single video and audio training formats. Learners enjoy a straightforward setup, complete with video or audio players, course descriptions, start buttons, and handy progress bars. The convenience of pause and resume functionality enhances the training experience.

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    Dynamic Module Training

    Take your training to the next level with our dynamic module format. Training views include Text, Video, and Audio modules. The seek bar provides learners with precise progress tracking, while text modules offer flexibility for reading-based content. Explore a seamless learning journey with our module training.

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    Send and Track Trainings

    Elevate your training management with the Employee Training Toolkit's powerful "Assign, Send, and Track Training" feature. Assign training sessions effortlessly, and then sit back as our platform takes care of delivery. Our robust tracking system ensures you're always in the loop, providing insights into learner progress and completion rates. Streamline your training assignments like never before.

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    Training Builder

    Unleash your creativity and expertise with the Employee Training Toolkit's "Training Builder." This feature empowers you to craft customized training modules tailored to your organization's unique requirements. Build, edit, and manage training courses seamlessly, ensuring your content aligns perfectly with your training objectives. Training creation has never been this intuitive.

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    Training Reports

    Gain valuable insights into your training program's effectiveness with our comprehensive "Training Reports" feature. Our platform offers detailed reports that provide a bird's eye view of your training activities. Access data on learner engagement, completion rates, and much more. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your training efforts and drive success.

Effortless Training Setup and Delivery

Experience the ease of setting up and delivering trainings within minutes using our efficient email server. Alternatively, send trainings individually at your convenience.

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Select the plan that works for your company.


$549/LifetimeDo it yourself

  • 60+ Video/Audio Courses
  • Training Guides
  • Quizzes and Extra Docs
  • Certificate Generator
  • Special Offers
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$349/yrSmaller Companies

  • Access to LMS
  • 50 Learners
  • 60+ Preloaded Trainings
  • Special Offers
  • Free Support
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  • Everything in BASIC
  • Access to LMS
  • 150 Learners
  • Training Builder
  • Up to 10 Custom Trainings
  • Training Consultation
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  • Everything in PRO
  • Special Offers
  • Training Consultation
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